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Financial markets across the developed world are breaking.
Give me 5-6 minutes and I’ll explain the why and how – but also sadly why there is no good outcome from here, only very bad and worse.

The 2020s are not going to be fun to live through.

A thread 🧵🧵🧵

God level scam baiting from @Kitboga
and an actually useful use case for AI for a change!
Too funny 😁


One positive thing to come out of this unexpected bear market is that price prediction engagement farming doesn't work one iota on me now. I'm actually less likely to engage/more likely to unfollow.

Long term we're almost certainly going up. Short/mid nobody has a f-ing clue.

Wow! I've shot up to 500 followers in less than... 12 years!!! 💪

Join my paid group to learn how I did it using my unique formula.

Bonus influencer tips on how to create engagement and win 🚀🤑

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If you agree with the below, please consider donating to support the valuable work of @AnitaPosch @BFFbtc

Send here - geyser.fund/project/bff twitter.com/BitcoinEkasi/statu

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Some of you like to point out that innovation on Lightning is faster than they what can keep up with. As for me, I'm even struggling to keep up with everything new happening in @lnbits alone.

We're reaching escape velocity 🚀

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@callebtc typical of obsession, at the same time it's "dead" "a fad" "no one uses it", but also responsible for all the bad things in the world, with a constant need to post takes about it

So twitter seems to be suggesting a correlation between the rise in sudden adult death syndrome and...
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want to discuss the rise in sudden adult death syndrome ... twitter.com/LatAm_hodl/status/

Poor thing is offended 😪

Meanwhile marginalised communities continue to find use cases in the real world, and bitcoiners continue to innovate in the energy space 🤷‍♂️
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Personally I am not even sure which fiction I find the most offensive

- Bitcoin is good for the environment
- Bitcoin is good for marginalized communities

It's a hard call. twitter.com/tante/status/15722

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Manshaus said Wright couldn't actually respond to Hodlonaut's tweets because his Twitter account was closed and he does NOT have his own media channel. As we left court we were met with Coingeek's fully staffed production crew who goes everywhere with him. Yeah, no.

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Soon ™️

Just one week to go now freaks!

Calling all plebs in the Brighton & Hove area. Come join us for a 🍺 and chat next Wednesday evening. twitter.com/brighton_btc/statu

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I am willing to sell Bitcoin Magazine to @CalvinAyre and @Dr_CSWright for the measly price of 1 satoshi paid out from Bitcoin's first block. LMK when you're ready. twitter.com/mariodavisjr/statu

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@Arthur_van_Pelt "Who has the first fuckytoshi meme?"

Allow me:

Yes, memers please do your thing 🙏 And let's get trending!
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The trial in Norway is over guys. The wait till November 8* begins.

Who has the first fuckytoshi meme? 😂

*hopefully sooner, the judge said

Yup, latest Guy's Take was pure 🔥
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The recent @TheGuySwann take on maximalism was so fuckn epic I am just filled with so much joy.

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To finish, fully agree with the sentiments of Dustin Trammell. The defense of the eye witnesses was very weak. And when someone proves IN COURT to lie and has the nerves to drop forgeries in the case, it should be over and out.


I'm absolutely shocked that Wright's costs would appear to be larger than expected. I'm sure he's been 100% honest with the filing.
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Haukaas says most of their cost is related to the complexity of the defence's evidence. He objects to the size of Wright's costs.

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Haukaas says most of their cost is related to the complexity of the defence's evidence. He objects to the size of Wright's costs.

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Says the copyright comment is not verifiable. Shows the "2008" version includes a bugfix that was included in a post 0.1.0 version of the public code. So the bug was fixed, reintroduced, and fixed again?

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