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Your chances of being killed by a cow are low, but never zero. Stay safe.

Up only... but never in a straight line

__ /
/ |___|

Up only... but never in a straight line

__ /
/ |___|

Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

Apparently this is what my council tax pays for! The beloved socialised services of the UK! One week in to a two week waste disposal service strike.

Historical prices for Sep 23rd

2021 - $44096
2020 - $10473
2019 - $9825
2018 - $6704
2017 - $3745
2016 - $600
2015 - $230
2014 - $435
2013 - $123
2012 - $11
2011 - $5
2010 - $0.06


Open source, easy to construct HWW/signing devices FTW.

Mad respect to the @SeedSigner team!

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Mandating vaccines is NOT going to increase trust. Quite the contrary. It is instead an admission that trust has already been violated and an attempt to redress that by force. twitter.com/m_b_petersen/statu

Boomers... There's a new store of value in town.

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"A crisis will always be found to justify measures designed to protect the government." twitter.com/Resist_03/status/1

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If your business ever requires “proof of vaccine,” I will boycott you for the rest of my life

Not sure if I'm more proud of myself for cycle camping across South England and through the Welsh valleys and hills on a rickety old mountain bike, or for having only checked the price like 3x in a week!

Now a days rest at Bala lake and then another week home!

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If your government can have unrestricted power during a crisis, then prepare to live in perpetual crisis for the rest of your life.

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Last night, Bitcoin's difficulty went down by 27.94%.
But what is difficulty in the first place?

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