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how tf a computer gone ask me if i'm a robot 😭 bitch you da robot 😭😭

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the guys who think they really own those NFT tweets are the same guys who believe that stripper “really likes them”

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is only worth a little more than half of what the U.S. government created out of thin air in a matter of weeks.

We are still SO early.

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An insight to how a long term bitcoin holder thinks about "cashing out".

Once selling a million dollars worth of bitcoin, to buy a house or diversify, still leaves them with 90% of their bitcoin remaining....they *might* consider it.

The point?

You can't shake much loose.

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@krakenfx Well, those ₿oots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days those boots will jump right to the moon

BREAKING: Raoul Pal is starting a fund for RV clients to gain cryptocurrency exposure. Sources indicate the fund is likely to be largely ETH, Defi food tokens and XRP. It’s operating in stealth right now under the name “Microdick Strategy™️”. More to follow...

Agreed, the shareholders letter is well worth a read, Røkke has clearly done his research and 'gets it'. This thread is a great break down of the key points and the letter is also linked at the end.
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1/ The Aker shareholder letter from Kjell Inge Røkke is remarkable.

Having worked in Norway since 2008, IMO this is a major step towards more Scandinavian Bitcoin discussion + adoption.

Here's a 🧵 on the letter's unexpecte…

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Norwegian energy giant Aker forms bitcoin unit, Seetee, funded with $58 million. It will invest in bit­coin as its trea­sury as­set, invest in bitcoin projects and companies, and set up bitcoin mining operations.

archive: t.me/nobullshitbitcoin/1514

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For all my “ mining boils oceans” people out there:

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Ladies & Gentleman, we got another corporation that puts 1,170 on it's treasury balance alongside with more investment into BTC mining partnering with @Blockstream and further investments into the ecosystem.

Welcome @akersolutions and it's subsidiary @Seetee_io
🔥🚀🌕 twitter.com/Seetee_io/status/1

Selling my soul for crypto. Now available as an NFT on the blockchain. Serious offers only, contact me for details.

Exactly! Including your bank acct. no doubt.
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It's so weird when people pull out the "but what if the electrical grid goes down?" card when arguing against , as if everything else in society, from the internet, to air travel, to the food supply wouldn't be totally fucked as well.

100%. In fact I'd like to be left alone and allowed to make all decisions about what medical services I use.
Trying to argue that case to most of my fellow Brits is basically seen as a thought crime at this stage though.
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No lockdowns, no restrictions, no mask mandates, no travel bans, no mandatory vaccines, no vaccine passports.

Private property rights, and people are free to make their own decisions.

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Selling and trying to buy back in cheaper is like getting off a train and trying to outrun it to the next station.

Historical prices for Mar 7th

2021 - $50484
2020 - $9044
2019 - $3862
2018 - $10126
2017 - $1230
2016 - $406
2015 - $269
2014 - $654
2013 - $40
2012 - $5
2011 - $0.89

Pro tip: no heroes. You can give respect where respect is due without needing to put people up on pedestals.
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LOL. All your heroes turn to sell outs.
It's because they value $ over .

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