So I've been keeping a list of RSS feeds of many podcasts in part of an attempt to rely less on Google, Apple, etc. for subscriptions.

I've found that it's actually really useful and thought others might also so I've stuck it on a webpage here:

It's not only made it easier to have everything in one place but also makes it simple to search through a lot of content at once, for a specific topic or keyword.

Anyway, hope someone finds it useful. I'd actually recommend using your own aggregator though, there's many options.

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I tried a number of desktop options but wasn't that pleased with most, especially trying to find foss options that sync between devices. As I have some webspace I decided to try some self hosted solutions instead and when I was happy with it thought I may as well make it open.

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I also set it up to automatically tweet/toot out new episodes to dedicated Twitter and Mastodon accounts which can be found at @bitpodz and

They also post a couple of archived episodes at random each day.

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I think I've compiled a fairly complete list of bitcoin only pods but feel free to let me know if there's something I'm missing. 🙏

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