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If you don’t pay the $8 your tweets will be suppressed by an algorithm. Not making this shit up he said it to a room of investors yesterday & claimed this would solve hate speech. “You’ll have to scroll really far to see unverified users”

@yeolde I don't understand why people are so worked up about twitter still. It was going to die, there's a good chance it will still die. In the end not much will change, just who is at the helm.
Because they have no vision. It was on borrowed time held up by corruption alone. Most of the staff are irreversibly brainwashed children with no life skills who's only job qualification was the correct politics. It was bound to fail and cannot be saved simply due to the existence of alternatives like fediverse. Elon literally has to play ball or else get raided by the FBI. the verification is to keep Twitter afloat long enough for elon to make a profit in some way before ditching it for something with actual value
@Bastard_Beast @yeolde You're right about the people that work there and the oddball that now owns it, but I'm more interested in the people who were banned and who left voluntarily (and those in between) that are so invested in twitter right now.

People have the weirdest personal investment in a site they were using and I don't know why.

@brimshae @Bastard_Beast network effects. Many people would rather be on fediverse or other networks but the fact remains that the bulk of social activity still happens on Twitter and other centralised platforms.

My hope is that with the changes at Twitter and the evolution of new decentralised options like nostr and keet (which make on boarding much easier than fedi), we'll see more of a shift, socially, away from corporate media

@yeolde @Bastard_Beast I've never heard of Nostr nor Keet. Nostr seems to be crossbreed of Fedi and torrents. The onboarding doesn't seem like it'll be easy for normies compared to twitting or to Fedi. "What's this key thing? Where do I get my password? Do I type my private password in this box labeled 'compose'?"

Keet is either video calling, something to do with soccer, medical services, or a PBS station out of California. Probably the former.

Since we're talking about up and coming alt tech stuff, any thoughts on the Gemini protocol?

@brimshae @Bastard_Beast extremely early days for nostr but there are various clients under development, still experimental and def not ready for normie on boarding yet. I say it's simpler for on boarding as all you need is a private/public key pair to own your own data, no having to either run your own server or trust another provider. Data is transmitted client to client via relay servers.

Good primer here

@brimshae @Bastard_Beast yes, keet is a video conferencing platform, a directly peer to peer (or 🍐 to 🍐 as they say) no middle man alternative to zoom and the like. It's the first app to be built on Holepunch.

@yeolde @Bastard_Beast Already read that document before I made my last comment. Thank you for the extra info, though.
They are Normies. So you have to be patient and wait for their inferior normie brain to catch on. They are not like us in the glorious retarded master race of autists
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