Ever feel like you're being mocked!? On the face shield I was just made to wear, alongside mask, on my flight... just boarded the next leg of my journey and nobody is forcing me to wear it this time. Next 9 hours in a mask though... Then 10 days hotel quarantine!

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Marathon mined their first “clean block” that claims "adherence to the OFAC standards".

Bitcoiners then proceeded to troll by sending "noncompliant" to their address from sanctioned nations, thus making their "clean block" attempt more ridiculous.

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Stop "investing" in crypto. You're gambling your life away. Save into

Time in the market beats timing the market. It's a game of accumulation over the long term. Don't hate yourself in 10 years.

It's less sexy, but the tortoise always beats the hare.

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🔊 faking it as a fake teacher on a fake supercomputer course.

No one who knows the C or C++ programming language would think the declaration of type "double" variables was doubling anything. He's just winging it.

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I've made a simple webpage where you can follow the status of the Taproot Speedy Trial softfork.

It shows blocks within the current difficulty period of 2016 blocks, where at least 1814 of them (90%) must signal for Taproot for the fork to be locked in.

Something to read and learn this Sunday


You can now split your 24w seed into 2x 24w seeds for better security with plausible deniability.

Compatible with BIP39 24w metal SEEDPLATE

To a hodler daily price swings become like the mental fluctuations in the mind of a zen master. Moksha guaranteed.
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How many of you boys lost $100k+ on paper in a day and didn’t care bc you know where this is going??

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Michael Saylor's epic takedown of gold in his debate with Frank Giustra.

"Gold invites violence." - Saylor

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Blender Render #11 _ Orange Pill STILL

∞ <3

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This terrible Doge video is better than anything Ethereum ever produced. I cannot wait for the Doge/Eth flippening.

Not fast enough for Taleb but it appears that btc volatility *is actually decreasing with time.

We're so early on the adoption curve still, surely this trend will continue moving forward.
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daily price movement.

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Popular Japanese biker @azusagakuyuki turns out to be a 50-year-old man using FaceApp. "No one will read what a normal middle-aged man posts on his account" bbc.in/3acsYb1

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In 2011, you could buy a bag of strawberries dried with heat from a mining rig for $3.50 worth of BTC (1.5 BTC or $90,550 today)


We were the only people here all morning. Absolute bliss! I mean if I must social distance then this is how I want it!

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