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In case you're wondering where everyone suddenly is.

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El cliente de Nostr funciona y luce muy bien.
Directo a los favoritos

cc @YeOldeHodler


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yet another client! this one from @YeOldeHodler. python + qt, desktop. looks slick!


Connecting to Bija - the desktop client I've been building - over a remote connection via my phone!

Looks horrible on phone rn but that's just a matter of working on the CSS.

Now I have self sovereign social media wherever I go =)

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An open letter to Ulrich Bindseil and Jürgen Schaff of the European Central Bank (@ecb)

Spent a load of time this last week or so digging in to making a Nostr client.

My coding skills are a decade out of date (and web dev was kinda different in 2012!) but started to make some progress. Buggy as hell and the code base is a mess, but now has some basic functionality.


PayPal want to charge me for *not* using my account!

Old business account that I've not used in a couple of years. No idea how much they were going to charge me, I guess its in some T&Cs somewhere. Glad I noticed the email though, quite happy to close the account thanks!

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Say what you want, but bitcoiners know how to HODL

Going through some old photos... man I miss South Indian food! A lot of y'all go on about superiority of a meat diet but I know how I feel when I live on this S. Indian, simple but spicy, vege diet for extended periods (great!). And it's SO tasty!

One chow chow bath please!

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If you don’t pay the $8 your tweets will be suppressed by an algorithm. Not making this shit up he said it to a room of investors yesterday & claimed this would solve hate speech. “You’ll have to scroll really far to see unverified users”

Kebab >> great in Japanese calligraphic style but ugly af otherwise.

Lightning >> recently saw it in bitkit UI. Actually pretty slick.

s+@ >> looks great, it's literally s+@ phonetically, easy to write & has that cursive/handwritten look that most currencies have. CLEAR WINNER.
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📸: Seán ó Gríofa

When someone says they're a libertarian socialist they're not stating an oxymoron (as is often said on here). 135 years ago E. Lesigne laid out the difference between anarchist vs state socialism & it prob still stands as one of the best analysis to date.


Banks determined to keep proving one of the main use cases for
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And so it continues in the U.K.

We, the banks, know best…

Roll on the ETF

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