WTF @jack ! auto-suggest wants to give me a whole load of shitcoinery, scams and FUD but no !?

How long until Roger tags Jordan in one of his "why BCH is better than " tweets 🤣
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Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

That warm sense of satisfaction when year hear a young bitling that you coached through their first sat stackings is managing to HODL and stack more through their first significant dip

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Legal attacks on Bitcoin developers are like:

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Craig Wight has filed his lawsuit in court.

Many prominent developers associated with Bitcoin are the defendants. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

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My alter ego (Greg Maxwell) summarizing how we got here.

While these dinosaurs scoff and say us bitcoiners just don't understand money we're all just over here casually becoming millionaires and taking over the financial system. It's hillarious.
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Imagine paying money to have your kids educated by this guy.

These people are so deluded..they don’t stand a chance.

cometh for you 🦕


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11 August 2020, dotted blue line, US corporations led by $MSTR begin buying as a treasury asset.

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This is the kind of killer marketing you can expect to see from CZ and Sam but not from woke ETH plebs

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moves nearly half a million dollars in value around the globe permissionlessly every second. It was never about transactions per second and coffee. It's all about value transacted per second and a new financial paradigm.

not . Nothing comes close to @btc. 👑

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