Spent a load of time this last week or so digging in to making a Nostr client.

My coding skills are a decade out of date (and web dev was kinda different in 2012!) but started to make some progress. Buggy as hell and the code base is a mess, but now has some basic functionality.


PayPal want to charge me for *not* using my account!

Old business account that I've not used in a couple of years. No idea how much they were going to charge me, I guess its in some T&Cs somewhere. Glad I noticed the email though, quite happy to close the account thanks!

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Say what you want, but bitcoiners know how to HODL

Going through some old photos... man I miss South Indian food! A lot of y'all go on about superiority of a meat diet but I know how I feel when I live on this S. Indian, simple but spicy, vege diet for extended periods (great!). And it's SO tasty!

One chow chow bath please!

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If you don’t pay the $8 your tweets will be suppressed by an algorithm. Not making this shit up he said it to a room of investors yesterday & claimed this would solve hate speech. “You’ll have to scroll really far to see unverified users”

Kebab >> great in Japanese calligraphic style but ugly af otherwise.

Lightning >> recently saw it in bitkit UI. Actually pretty slick.

s+@ >> looks great, it's literally s+@ phonetically, easy to write & has that cursive/handwritten look that most currencies have. CLEAR WINNER.
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📸: Seán ó Gríofa

When someone says they're a libertarian socialist they're not stating an oxymoron (as is often said on here). 135 years ago E. Lesigne laid out the difference between anarchist vs state socialism & it prob still stands as one of the best analysis to date.


Banks determined to keep proving one of the main use cases for
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And so it continues in the U.K.

We, the banks, know best…

Roll on the ETF

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We confirm that iOS 16 does communicate with Apple services outside an active VPN tunnel. Worse, it leaks DNS requests. services that escape the VPN connection include Health, Maps, Wallet.
We used @ProtonVPN and . Details in the video:

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In December you can build your own unstoppable 🍐2🍐 Apps on Holepunch 🕳🥊 !

So what programming languages will you need to learn to do so ?

I would maybe, just maybe, consider paying $8/month for twitter blue if it's with sats. But KYC would be a deal breaker.

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twitter at this moment…


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The new Slashtags.to website has a lot of info about the Slashtags protocol, including this awesome Slashtags Playground,

The Playground shows both use-cases & UX examples to spark your creativity about what's possible with Slashtags!


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If you're in the $BSV cult and you didn't have an opinion on Edward Snowden before, here's your opinion for you.

Just make sure to change it back as soon as Craig is trying to get him to speak at a conference.

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