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The real conversations you should start having with people in your circle right now

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“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

-Thomas Sowell

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Made this video to share my experience of what it has been like to fall into the rabbit hole.

I hope it conveys the many aspects of Bitcoin's significance through the lens led by curiosity then inevitably empowerment.

Lyrics in 🧵

Anon doc is perfectly fine treating you if you've made bad life choices, destroying your own health through diet, smoking, etc.. It's OK that everyone else's tax money pays for that

But if you've decided not to take experimental medication...


"In an honest society, all of this would have been subject to robust public debate. We would have seen scientists of all opinions openly debating on TV and radio and in the press; views of all kinds aired on social media; journalists properly investigating reports of both..."
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Wonderfully written.

This should be required reading for everyone who is currently opining on mandates and public health.

The kids are great and did a fantastic job... but can we stop using children to spread propaganda 😒

"our future" "for what it's worth" is teaching children critical thinking skills.

How to think not what to think.
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British hip hop is lit 🔥


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Must-watch from @reason: The green attacks on are best understood as a strategy by economic, media, and political elites freaked out by a form of money they can't control. @nic__carter & @gladstein explain why bitcoin isn't killing the planet.

gm, gfm!

Not only did $BTCGBP make a new ATH yesterday but it also casually crossed the 50k mark overnight.

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Found an engineer on @Upwork who is helping me create fake and augmented retinas so @sama and his no longer can viably succeed. We are making tons of retinas by the hour.

What a diabolical idea they had which I just destroyed thanks to remote work. 🤝👊🌎

Reminder: a month ago it was starting to feel like we'd never get back over 50k again

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For the next two days your right to know goes on trial

If you are not against the extradition of Julian Assange, then you are in the minority

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