The collapse of fiat is a foregone conclusion.

price action is just noise.

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When everyone exits fiat and the system finally implodes, will absolutely be blamed in the political sphere.

But this will be as stupid as blaming the door that everyone ran out through after the politicians set the building on fire.

While these dinosaurs scoff and say us bitcoiners just don't understand money we're all just over here casually becoming millionaires and taking over the financial system. It's hillarious.
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Imagine paying money to have your kids educated by this guy.

These people are so deluded..they don’t stand a chance.

cometh for you 🦕


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11 August 2020, dotted blue line, US corporations led by $MSTR begin buying as a treasury asset.

Y'all talking about crashing while I'm over here like 🤩🚀
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Historical prices for Feb 24th

2021 - $50633
2020 - $9719
2019 - $3880
2018 - $9897
2017 - $1170
2016 - $419
2015 - $237
2014 - $583
2013 - $29
2012 - $5
2011 - $0.95

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12 / Bitcoin's simplicity is one of the cornerstones that will provide investors the confidence they need as they begin understanding and eventually allocating into .

Bitcoin is an asset engineered to succeed.

Usually people fudding are shilling a shitcoin.

In secretary Yellen’s case that shitcoin is the digital dollar

Narrator: in truth the volatility *had declined and continued to do so, we were just very very early still
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@Vadim_Kaplan Maybe, maybe not. From last night's high today this morning's low Bitcoin has dropped 18.5%. I agree that happens often with , which is part of the problem, and proof that volatility has not declined with higher prices. But some corrections can start huge bear markets.

Great thread, I'm also curious how to best go about this when the time comes
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I know bitcoiners, myself included, who are in a position and reached an age where we would like to live off of our and we are now asking:

How do we do that, what are our options?

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If a few companies start to copy @michael_saylor’s playbook on shorting the dollar to buy then all bets are off.

This is happening deliberately and in our faces. It’s being underestimated.

We stand at the edge of a snowballing speculative attack on the USD.


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moves nearly half a million dollars in value around the globe permissionlessly every second. It was never about transactions per second and coffee. It's all about value transacted per second and a new financial paradigm.

not . Nothing comes close to @btc. 👑

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"Why you didn't insist more on ?"

Because you told me:
"it's expensive"
"a scam for shady people"
"btc is old stuff"
" I don't have 20 min. for your intro video"
"I only want to trade crypto"
"the tech is complicated"
"blockchain without currency"

But now it's my fault.

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If you're against then you should emphatically be in favour of .

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Your bitcoin node is securing $1 trillion worth of .

Something to think about.

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Tesla has now made $1 billion dollars buying

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