Elon dumping on based on energy fud whilst also pumping might be the most disingenuous shit I ever heard.

Oh well, btfd. We really don't need the billionaires anyway 🤷‍♂️🧘‍♂️

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🐶 - "When do I sell?"

- "I'll never sell"

A key difference

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The Chief Financial Officer of the largest hedge fund in the world just left to join a company.

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Marathon mined their first “clean block” that claims "adherence to the OFAC standards".

Bitcoiners then proceeded to troll by sending "noncompliant" to their address from sanctioned nations, thus making their "clean block" attempt more ridiculous.

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Stop "investing" in crypto. You're gambling your life away. Save into

Time in the market beats timing the market. It's a game of accumulation over the long term. Don't hate yourself in 10 years.

It's less sexy, but the tortoise always beats the hare.

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Hardly any of these people that claim to like Bitcoin, but actually just shitcoin all day, actively promote layer-2. They are LARPs and use Bitcoin to get social media engagement.

To a hodler daily price swings become like the mental fluctuations in the mind of a zen master. Moksha guaranteed.
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How many of you boys lost $100k+ on paper in a day and didn’t care bc you know where this is going??

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While most don't know it, cheering against a technology of empowerment like means you would rather have a managed economy, the concentration of wealth/power and eventually, the loss of rights and freedoms.
If you aren't familiar with how that ends, look through history

Dave bought again but still doesn't get it 🤷‍♂️

He's ngmi
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So am I understanding this correctly? @elonmusk buys . Then he pumps it. It goes up. Then he dumps it and make a fortune. Listen I own 1 but is exactly who we thought it was. Just don’t be last 1 the bag.

Don't buy because you know it's going to crash
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This one time, Bitcoin was at $4K, then it went up to $63K, then it CRASHED all the way down to $49K

Everybody has different targets, some people are working towards the first whole coin, some have eyes on 6.15, etc..

Personally I have a thing for prime numbers and thanks to the dip am now 2.5M sats closer and less than 10M sats away from my next goal 🥳

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perfectly fits the use cases of 99.99% of people who just want to secure their savings and send some BTC around periodically. Altcoins are useless for nearly everyone.

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is the perfect asset to store your savings in. Nothing is as battle-tested, secure, liquid, or accessible.

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Michael Saylor's epic takedown of gold in his debate with Frank Giustra.

"Gold invites violence." - Saylor

@michael_saylor @Frank_Giustra

Not fast enough for Taleb but it appears that btc volatility *is actually decreasing with time.

We're so early on the adoption curve still, surely this trend will continue moving forward.
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daily price movement.

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TIME magazine, the 98 year-old publication, will accept for subscriptions and hodl it on their balance sheet.

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Central Bank of China's Deputy Governor, "We believe that should play a major role in the future, either as an investment tool or as an alternative investment"

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