Banks determined to keep proving one of the main use cases for
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And so it continues in the U.K.

We, the banks, know best…

Roll on the ETF

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Finally I can talk about this! I’ve heard from tests as early as in May, but now it’s official. @PicknPay is a huge supermarket chain in South Africa and they’re accepting now. Especially important for @BitcoinEkasi

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Oct 31, 2008 - The Whitepaper was first published by himself.

Oct 31, 2022 - turns the abstract in the Whitepaper into

Spread the word, plebs!

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The crowdfunding for our Charity @bitcoinhillrun is live 😍 thanks @geyserfund for providing this amazing platform. Help us raise $3000 in for Roatan Schools - they need new toilets, chairs and accessories.
Thank you for your support 🙏

reaching up and just gently tapping $21021.21 is quite perfect.

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Yesterday, @merissa_co , @jyn_urso , myself and the amazing team from kicked-off the work on a full-fledged Life Cycle Assessment on vented methane mining from landfills. no funding, pro-bono - Bitcoiners are wild🔥.

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Explaining how Lightning works.

"The Airport Analogy" 🧵👇

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Please support @dada_bitcoin from to pay her costs for attending @AfroBitcoinOrg in .

Marcel is educating women about it’s essential that she can gain knowledge and connect with other educators.

@BFFbtc I’ll donate 100 EUR

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Brighton, are you ready?

Next meetup is nearly here! 🍻

📅 Wednesday 26th Oct
🕖 7.30pm
📍 The Pond Pub

Hope to see you there for a pint and a chat!

Join us at the Trinity Arms tonight to hear @jyn_urso talk about , energy and an environmentally sound future!

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An old mate: I know nothing about bitcoin so please tell me more.

Me: Philosophically, it’s the people’s money, not state nor bank money.

Practically, it’s a distributed network so it can’t be shut down.

Individually, it’s a super-charged savings account.

Join us on Monday as we welcome @jyn_urso to the London Space to talk climate, energy and bitcoin.

📅 Monday 24th October
🕖 7pm
📍 The Trinity Arms, Brixton

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What is NBD?
We are the open source arm of @zebedeeio. We write code and give it to the world. Our first batch of releases is focused on
In the future? We’ll see. It’s No Big Deal.

4 projects announced today and live on @github 🦾
Read more 👇

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If you consider yourself a principled person willing to “die on this hill” for  , watch this

1+ minute from @TheOliverStone

Nice idea. Never gonna happen here.

I'm more interested in the development of alternative distributed platforms such as Nostr where maybe solutions like this can be an actual possibility.

Can twitter spam bots just eat this platform from the inside out already!
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Twitter can fix spam bots with

- Maintains privacy
- Inclusive for 8 billion people
- No chargebacks or fraud
- Billions in new revenue…

"What would it seem like if it did seem like a global, digital, sound, open source, programmable money was monetising from absolute zero?"

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another remix from @reelrichard liking these!

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