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Tenemos el honor de anunciar públicamente proyecto del Instituto de Filosofía y Economía (@IFEBitcoin) con @marcvidal y @Alvaro_DMaria

Todos los bitcoiners estáis invitados a uniros y para saber más del proyecto podéis visitar nuestra web: ifebitcoin.org

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🇨🇷 Costa Rica 🇨🇷is going to become an exciting place to be if you’re into
So much in the works right now.
Including this 👇👇

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" Never Gonna Bank Again "
- by Lord Snooty of Bitcoin.

All instruments, vocals, rec, mixing & arrangement by Lord Snooty of Bitcoin.

associated Lightning & on chain addresses below. cheers🙂👍

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We’re now on Geyser!

Feel free to send us some sats for the work we do, enabling businesses throughout the UK to accept payments, & supporting others to do the same across the globe 🌍, all free of charge! 🧡


30 bitcoiners walk into a tavern…

📅 Tonight
🕖 7pm
📍 Ye Olde Cock Tavern


Banks determined to keep proving one of the main use cases for
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And so it continues in the U.K.

We, the banks, know best…

Roll on the ETF

@stacyherbert @FossGregfoss @LawrenceLepard @CoinCornerDanny @CierrePorbin @MaajidNawaz @PeterMcCormack

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Finally I can talk about this! I’ve heard from tests as early as in May, but now it’s official. @PicknPay is a huge supermarket chain in South Africa and they’re accepting now. Especially important for @BitcoinEkasi


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Oct 31, 2008 - The Whitepaper was first published by himself.

Oct 31, 2022 - turns the abstract in the Whitepaper into

Spread the word, plebs!

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The crowdfunding for our Charity @bitcoinhillrun is live 😍 thanks @geyserfund for providing this amazing platform. Help us raise $3000 in for Roatan Schools - they need new toilets, chairs and accessories.
Thank you for your support 🙏geyser.fund/projects/hillrun

reaching up and just gently tapping $21021.21 is quite perfect.

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Yesterday, @merissa_co , @jyn_urso , myself and the amazing team from Impact-Forecast.com kicked-off the work on a full-fledged Life Cycle Assessment on vented methane mining from landfills. no funding, pro-bono - Bitcoiners are wild🔥.

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Explaining how Lightning works.

"The Airport Analogy" 🧵👇

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Please support @dada_bitcoin from to pay her costs for attending @AfroBitcoinOrg in .

Marcel is educating women about it’s essential that she can gain knowledge and connect with other educators.

@BFFbtc I’ll donate 100 EUR


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Brighton, are you ready?

Next meetup is nearly here! 🍻

📅 Wednesday 26th Oct
🕖 7.30pm
📍 The Pond Pub

Hope to see you there for a pint and a chat!


Join us at the Trinity Arms tonight to hear @jyn_urso talk about , energy and an environmentally sound future!


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An old mate: I know nothing about bitcoin so please tell me more.

Me: Philosophically, it’s the people’s money, not state nor bank money.

Practically, it’s a distributed network so it can’t be shut down.

Individually, it’s a super-charged savings account.


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