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So I've been keeping a list of RSS feeds of many podcasts in part of an attempt to rely less on Google, Apple, etc. for subscriptions.

I've found that it's actually really useful and thought others might also so I've stuck it on a webpage here:

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11 years ago today touched $1 per $BTC on the exchange reaching parity with the USD for the first time!

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The Ottawa freedom movement requires funding and support, and is best poised to facilitate this.

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⚓️ B-T-Sea Shanty #7 ⚓️

Roll The Old Timechain Along

We'll be alright when becomes the dominant form of money around the world. And we'll all stack sats behind.

They look like casino chips for a reason! If you want a little gamble that's your business but a gazillion shitcoins does not a sound economy make.

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Our plan is to make a lot more coins and tokens available in 2022.

🔔Turn on notifs to stay in the know!

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The price of dropped by half, and it still managed to out perform gold as an investment in the last year.

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Who declared " is Dead", how many times, what years, and at what prices?

How to read the visualization here->

Patience is a virtue! Enjoy the ride.

I'd bought a few coins at like $3 early in Q2, watched it rally to ~$30, buying a few more on the way up, and then experienced the descent back to single digits.

Still hodling some (but not all) of that corn today!
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today formed nice DB pattern. Is $3.80 bottom for price? I really hope so. Just bought few coins, let see what happen.

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@BitcoinMagazine @jack What the internet did for communication, + the Lightning Network is doing for money.

will dematerialize all existing monetary networks onto a singular, global, open standard.

Network effects and economies of scale incoming.

Open networks win.

Don't blink.

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Sorry to be a wet blanket. Writing a description for this thing for general audiences is bloody hard. There's nothing to relate it to.

— Satoshi Nakamoto on

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Ok, ID-10t, I’m going to school you again, not because it’s going to be of use for you, since you’re just getting paid to attack and defend fiat, but because the people deserve to know you are a fraud.

Clear and concise

Nice little FUD busting video to share with anyone who has concerns around the environmental impact of
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Bitcoin’s impact on the environment has been a controversial topic.

I teamed up with @hello_bitcoin to explain the truth behind the electrification of money.

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What an incredibly nice email to wake up to this morning.

A legal fund for the defense of Core Developers

@jack @morcosa Martin 👏👊


Love it! Jack Mallers spitting 🔥 as always.
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Strike CEO @jackmallers explains why the company is expanding into Argentina today and how is the future of currency regardless of volatility or "noise" in the crypto space $BTC

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YouTube response: Educating people to buy and hold is "encouraging illegal activities."

Meanwhile, a thousand scam channels thrive.


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🚨 Our @YouTube with 60,000 followers just got BANNED mid-livestream with no warning. DELETED

When will the aggression against content end?


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How my friends think it's going
How it's actually going

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Happy 13th Birthday !

As per tradition we recommend you celebrate this Proof of Keys Day by removing all coins from 3rd party custodians to a personal wallet

Happy hodldays!
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8 years ago today one of the most pervasive memes in history was born.

on folks!

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