Watch this space for the launch of my epic altplane! The sky (and perhaps gravity) is the limit 🚀
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"be open minded, spend your time researching and working on altplanes"

There is no "the maxis" that hold a singular set of views, or have particular personality traits or approaches.

Correct or not there is nothing inherently "toxic" in believing the only valid use case for blockchains is money or that ultimately BTC eats the rest of the market.

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Imagine being proud of mass surveillance! EU is the new China. Thank you.

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This is not the greatest ad in the world, this is just a Tribute:

Ugh, this again! My feed is suddenly 50%+ promoted tweets and ads.

Then when you try and call by phone you stoll face the same automated BS but now with the added complication of voice recognition. FFS.

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Virtual assistants seem capable of assisting me with virtually nothing, yet every single large organisation has implemented them.

Glorified FAQ pages... but FAQ pages are easier to interact with!

Something, something, single points of failure.

Large portions of the internet offline right now due to an issue at cloudflare 🤷‍♂️

Whilst many of us struggle with watching are net worth plummet it's important to remember that this revolution means a whole lot more to many people in the world.

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".. for a lot of the human rights practicalities and applications of why people are using , it could be $100 or a million, it doesn't really matter, it does the same thing." ~ @gladstein
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NEW From: Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Breaking Free with Bitcoin w/ Alex Gladstein

This except at least half of your friend's will call you lucky rather than genius during bull season.
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Being a bitcoiner means your friends will call you a genius for about a year during bull season, then an idiot for the next 2 or 3 years in bear/sideways season.

Rinse and repeat.

@Q_uantumB he certainly deserves a break but I'm not gonna hold my breath!

I know close to zero about investing, trading, TA, etc., but as an olde hodler I can at least offer you that advice.

Stay strong out there 🙏

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If you're truly stacking and hodling for the long term and really *must look at a chart then the 4 year moving average is probably more useful to you than a day by day or minute by minute exchange rate to fiat.


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Julian Assange’s extradition to the US has been approved.

@pritipatel you are a shame on British history. You stand for nothing and this decision will follow you for the rest of your life.

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How absolutely refreshing that the bitcoin protocol does not give a single fuck about what price clown world puts on bitcoin. No measures are being implemented. No rescue packages. Just adherence to the protocol. One block at a time. Like a psychopath.

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