My answer is a definite no FWIW, I don't think people can be held fully accountable for action they take under duress.

I certainly know of a few fellow libertarians/anarchists that think people who comply are to some extent responsible though

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Actually an interesting question in its own right but you need to read the whole thread.
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This question remains open.


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Legal attacks on Bitcoin developers are like:

The collapse of fiat is a foregone conclusion.

price action is just noise.

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When everyone exits fiat and the system finally implodes, will absolutely be blamed in the political sphere.

But this will be as stupid as blaming the door that everyone ran out through after the politicians set the building on fire.

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Craig Wight has filed his lawsuit in court.

Many prominent developers associated with Bitcoin are the defendants. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

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My alter ego (Greg Maxwell) summarizing how we got here.

While these dinosaurs scoff and say us bitcoiners just don't understand money we're all just over here casually becoming millionaires and taking over the financial system. It's hillarious.
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Imagine paying money to have your kids educated by this guy.

These people are so deluded..they don’t stand a chance.

cometh for you 🦕


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11 August 2020, dotted blue line, US corporations led by $MSTR begin buying as a treasury asset.

@nicebit IKR it's crazy that he's still getting away with pulling this shit

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Excited to announce that we are raising $1b to buy more bitcoin before @michael_saylor takes it all.

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