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Always long term bullish on bitcoin.

Never overly attached to short, mid, or even long term, price predictions.

This is the way.

My favourite nocoiners are butt hurt gamers that think bitcoin miners are buying all the GPUs.

Sorry lad, even if it were true I just care more about unfuckable freedom money than your ability to play imaginary shoot 'em up in your mums basement 🤣

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1/ Everyone wants to know when will bottom. I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?

Nothing like a dip to bring out the naysayers!

Funny thing is that reading through the comments just makes me feel inspired at how early we still are. 🤷‍♂️

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I don’t wish to sound apocalyptic about this, but one has the sense that at present our society is simultaneously characterized by wildly disproportionate accountability for trivial transgressions and zero accountability for profound institutional failure.

Dafuq was this Twitter!? The whole site disappeared for a few minutes 😂

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Today is first day of the @Dr_CSWright vs @PeterMcCormack trial. No jury.

I have an anonymous contact in attendance, who has promised to take notes and pass them onto me.

I will report on the case at the end of each day, using these notes.

Aim is to avoid taking sides.

Wordle 329 2/6


Some days it just happens, 30 seconds I was done!

@ademan tbh my own stack is fine and I default to hodling for as long as possible and only selling when absolutely necessary. The corn they want to sell was a gift to them from me a few years ago. It's worth considerably more now than it was then so I think I should just let them enjoy it while they can.

@nolim1t they have some quite specific ideas about where to go as it involves visiting old friends. I just want them to enjoy as much time as they can while my dad is still OK so think I need to put my reservations about selling now to one side and let them get on with it 🙏

This is my situation. We discovered my father is in early stages of alzheimers a few months back and my parents are asking for help selling ~0.5 btc to fund a holiday

My inclination is to tell them to wait... but I've been telling them that for years and now time is limited :/

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I know most bitcoiners wouldn't advise anyone to sell rn but I have a question.

If a loved one that you knew had increasingly limited good days left on this planet wanted a holiday and asked you to help them sell some corn you'd gifted them would you discourage them?

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In 2009 a website called New Liberty Standard was offering to buy and sell based on the amount of electricity it had cost to mine in the previous month.

On May 10th you could buy 1,309.03 for $1

Similarly to today, on this day in 2015 we were down ~50% on the year. 2019 ~30% on the year.

Remember to zoom out, we're up 630,000% in the last decade, 365% in 2 years, and 1 BTC still equals 1 BTC. It's all good.
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Historical prices for May 10th

2022 - $31579
2021 - $57882
2020 - $8681
2019 - $6296
2018 - $9231
2017 - $1747
2016 - $456
2015 - $238
2014 - $448
2013 - $115
2012 - $4.99
2011 - $4.74

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