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These arguments are seriously weak sauce 😂

Any even vaguely rational onlooker should be able to see the only reason hodlonaut "dropped the claim" was because Craig was trying to sue him over it.
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Says Hodlonaut has dropped the claim that Wright is not Satoshi. Shows uncertainty of this question.

In Craig's defence, he is Australian so that kinda excuses him 🤣

"I'm Australian – and if you're going to be a wanker, I'll call you a wanker"
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"Fraud" is a criticism of manipulated evidence. Wright has to tolerate this.

More precedence shows that he who uses strong language himself, must tolerate other people's use of such language against himself.

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Last day of the hodlonaut trial, only interesting for one thing: will we get another Chewbacca Defense from Craig's counsel? 😂

h/t court reporter Kleiman v Wright trial November 2021 @FractalEncrypt

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It appears that under the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act*, court material can be requested by the public. Let's see if we can get that "Satoshi" package of 71 Craig Wright made forgeries made public. And the KPMG report. 🙂

* source:

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I can only imagine what must be going through Craig's counsel's minds right now, having submitted all of this evidence on good faith, not realizing that it's entirely fraudulent.

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@BitcoinIslandPH @LakeBitcoin @BitcoinJungleCR @BitcoinBeachBR @LordFusitua @BitcoinEkasi Why do you want to orange pill the president? Why not have another goal like 30% of the people are using Bitcoin? It’s the peoples money, not the presidents money.

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With rising inflation here in the UK, people are increasingly finding it hard to donate food to food banks for those in need.

@FoodB4nker has set up a crowd fund for one in Leeds to accept donations for xtra revenue

Pls share & donate if able!

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Saw a reply from the real @cz_binance on a thread and my brain reflexively flagged it as a bot and skipped over it without reading. That's where we're at, @Twitter.

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I have just arrived at the prison where Julian is held. I have walked 900 miles to bring awareness to this frightening attack on journalism & our rights to know the truth. The fight for Julian's freedom will continue until he is free

The foul-mouthed "British" man is actually Craig Wright's younger, more polite, friendly, and handsome brother. Prove me wrong.

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Witness evidence about vague memories of years ago is of little value in a case like this.

Satoshi was about everybody verifying signatures. White paper says to avoid trusting third parties. A mantra is "don't trust, verify" – that's the whole point.

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Wright claimed to intentionally not sign, but Haukaas says he didn't understand the reasoning and he doesn't believe most others understood it either.

Signing in private and then not publishing it indicates he didn't really sign.

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The signing sessions were "structured in a very strange way", in order to prove there and then, not before and after. No good reason to do it like this, unless the evidence can't stand public scrutiny. This shows in Sartre – it doesn't stand up.

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The early blog posts where Wright mentions Bitcoin are all manipulated. Wright said other people were running his blog, but there is no evidence for this. Unnamed people having run his blog is not credible.

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Using the court system was a tactic Wright started using in 2019. Ayre is referenced tweeting about this March 29, 2019. Awaiting "some moron" to "prove a negative" and get financially ruined. "Judge only needs one troll to pass judgment".

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Since BDO re-did these analyses and thinks KPMG should have stated there could have been other explanations, @hodlonaut's lawyer asks if BDO can give an example of any other explanation. BDO says KPMG's explanation is valid and that they can't name any other explanation.

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