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I’ll continue to share updates about our Trust & Safety work as things evolve in the days to come. Our team's mission of enforcing our policies and protecting the conversations happening on Twitter remains unchanged.

Kebab >> great in Japanese calligraphic style but ugly af otherwise.

Lightning >> recently saw it in bitkit UI. Actually pretty slick.

s+@ >> looks great, it's literally s+@ phonetically, easy to write & has that cursive/handwritten look that most currencies have. CLEAR WINNER.
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📸: Seán ó Gríofa

The above was translated from the original by pro-freemarket individualist anarchist and libertarian socialist Benjamin Tucker in his essay State Socialism and Anarchism.

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When someone says they're a libertarian socialist they're not stating an oxymoron (as is often said on here). 135 years ago E. Lesigne laid out the difference between anarchist vs state socialism & it prob still stands as one of the best analysis to date.

Honestly, it hurts my brain that someone thought this a good idea
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mm/dd/yyyy is a cursed date format

Banks determined to keep proving one of the main use cases for
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And so it continues in the U.K.

We, the banks, know best…

Roll on the ETF

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We confirm that iOS 16 does communicate with Apple services outside an active VPN tunnel. Worse, it leaks DNS requests. services that escape the VPN connection include Health, Maps, Wallet.
We used @ProtonVPN and . Details in the video:

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KYC is a security nightmare, would remove dissidents' voices from the public, & give vast control to political institutions who've shown a gleeful willingness to attack & censor anything they don't agree with.

A *trust* system solves this, KYC social media is a terrible idea.

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I've never understood the political fear of Libertarians.

"Sure, they're not in power now, but someday they might take over and... uh, leave you alone, I guess, since that's kind of their whole deal."

It's like being afraid of cats.

It's the difference between defining a thing out of existence or broadening its scope.

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ie. it's a tool that has many different applications but isn't those applications in and of themselves.

Difference between "a knife is a murder weapon" and "a knife can be used as a murder weapon"

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"Bitcoin as..." > "Bitcoin is..."

(Beyond the purely technical)

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In December you can build your own unstoppable 🍐2🍐 Apps on Holepunch 🕳🥊 !

So what programming languages will you need to learn to do so ?

Elites in shock 😲

>> The dumb masses not so dumb after all, it's the out of touch elite that don't get, or are failing to accept, what's happening. Can't stop an idea when it's time has come.
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Last year, Nigeria launched its much-ballyhooed eNaira, Africa’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The jury is now in.

The eNaira has been a massive failure.

Here’s what really comes next...

Hint: it’s not w…

I would maybe, just maybe, consider paying $8/month for twitter blue if it's with sats. But KYC would be a deal breaker.

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twitter at this moment…

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