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Or if you need hex format de8ef91036c0d79596b65fef304cd759d4aabbd8c653b29077c0dccb32e4e9ef

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Verifying my account on nostr

My Public Key: "npub1m680jypkcrtet94ktlhnqnxht8224w7ccefm9yrhcrwvkvhya8hs6tp28g"

Find others at @NostrDirectory

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yet another client! this one from @YeOldeHodler. python + qt, desktop. looks slick!

Connecting to Bija - the desktop client I've been building - over a remote connection via my phone!

Looks horrible on phone rn but that's just a matter of working on the CSS.

Now I have self sovereign social media wherever I go =)

30 bitcoiners walk into a tavern…

📅 Tonight
🕖 7pm
📍 Ye Olde Cock Tavern

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An open letter to Ulrich Bindseil and Jürgen Schaff of the European Central Bank (@ecb)

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Just over week until our next meetup!

Whether you've got the bear market blues or you're celebrating cheap sats, come join fellow bitcoiners for a pint and a chat.

📅 Wednesday 30th Nov
🕖 7.30pm
📍 The Pond Pub

Hope to see you there! 🍻

When the whole world becomes a "safe space" every single one of us is in permanent danger of stepping out of line.

I appreciate polite speech and civil discourse as much as the next person, but fuck that shit.

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"Deboosting" just sounds like shadowbanning.

Spent a load of time this last week or so digging in to making a Nostr client.

My coding skills are a decade out of date (and web dev was kinda different in 2012!) but started to make some progress. Buggy as hell and the code base is a mess, but now has some basic functionality.

My daily email ritual is basically:

[scan] [select all] [mark as read]...

[scan] [select, select, select...] [mark as spam] [select all] [mark as read]...

... repeat for a few more addresses

[close app]

Next time I need to explain mnemonic seed phrases I'm gonna send them over to Stephen Fry 🤣 (from ~ 1m:40s)

Why am i receiving spam to an email address i only ever used for your service, @Gemini ?

Data breach or you sold my data?

"for more information see frequently asked questions" ... a search for 'inactivity fee' brings up nothing.

Great user experience @PayPal

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PayPal want to charge me for *not* using my account!

Old business account that I've not used in a couple of years. No idea how much they were going to charge me, I guess its in some T&Cs somewhere. Glad I noticed the email though, quite happy to close the account thanks!

CBDC... AND Bitcoin

Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. There's too many religious zealots prepared to hodl & stack through the worst bear market or unfavourable legislation & there's too many far flung corners of earth that discovered the humantarian use case. You can't defeat that.
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I hope this is the point people realise that 99.9% of crypto and blockchain are total utter bullshit that do absolutely nothing technologic…

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Say what you want, but bitcoiners know how to HODL

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