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In case you're wondering where everyone suddenly is.

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" Never Gonna Bank Again "
- by Lord Snooty of Bitcoin.

All instruments, vocals, rec, mixing & arrangement by Lord Snooty of Bitcoin.

associated Lightning & on chain addresses below. cheers🙂👍

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We’re now on Geyser!

Feel free to send us some sats for the work we do, enabling businesses throughout the UK to accept payments, & supporting others to do the same across the globe 🌍, all free of charge! 🧡


Looks like I'll have to shut down these bots next week 🤷‍♂️

Not so many followers but sorry if you found them useful 🙏

@BtcThis & @bitpodz have both always been on Mastadon too and I'll probably add them on Nostr sometime soon.
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Sorry folks, it looks like we'll be shut down next week!

I don't monetise this in any way, it was just a fun hobby project for something I wanted to see on my own timeline so being asked to pay $…

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@TwitterDev You really are trying to run this thing in to the ground, aren't you!?

I run a couple of bots I created for fun and don't monetise. You're not particularly inconveniencing me with this, I'll just take them down. Shame for the few thousand users that find them useful though 🤷‍♂️

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@ttiiggss @geyserfunders @geyserfund @curly60e @__B__T__C__ Thanks 🖤

We have 2 clients at this moment:
by @vishalxl.
by @brighton_btc @YeOldeHodler.

About the “special features”, take a look…
The menu is bigger and we have a lot of Easter Eggs too…

Thanks for the kind words. 🖤

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The masses can be taught to drive cars but can't be taught to download and run free software on their computers.

Give me a break.

.@Gemini sells your personal data

I'm extremely careful with my data & use aliases for most all services I sign up to. The email alias I used for Gemini, which was never shared elsewhere, started receiving spam a couple of months ago and is now frequently targeted by scammers

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El cliente de Nostr funciona y luce muy bien.
Directo a los favoritos

cc @YeOldeHodler


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Wassup, freaks!

🎄Come and join us next week for a cup of festive cheer and a chat about all things bitcoin.🎄

📅 Wednesday 28th December
🕖 7.30pm
📍 The Pond Pub

Hope to see you there! 🍻


Or if you need hex format de8ef91036c0d79596b65fef304cd759d4aabbd8c653b29077c0dccb32e4e9ef

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Verifying my account on nostr

My Public Key: "npub1m680jypkcrtet94ktlhnqnxht8224w7ccefm9yrhcrwvkvhya8hs6tp28g"

Find others at nostr.directory @NostrDirectory

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yet another client! this one from @YeOldeHodler. python + qt, desktop. looks slick!


Connecting to Bija - the desktop client I've been building - over a remote connection via my phone!

Looks horrible on phone rn but that's just a matter of working on the CSS.

Now I have self sovereign social media wherever I go =)

30 bitcoiners walk into a tavern…

📅 Tonight
🕖 7pm
📍 Ye Olde Cock Tavern


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An open letter to Ulrich Bindseil and Jürgen Schaff of the European Central Bank (@ecb)

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